[1]Foxfur is a young, fox-colored, bulky tom with black tips on his tail, two front paws, and right ear. He has electric-blue eyes. He is a fun, highly intelligent cat who loves to relax and has a taste for rabbit. He can be found in the BlogClan chat, but almost nowhere else. He likes to be called 'Foxo' for some reason.


  • Foxfur often refers to himself as 'Foxo' in chat.
  • Foxfur can almost always be found in the Wiki Chat.
  • Foxfur used to hate cats.
  • Foxfur suffers from depression.
  • Even though he isn't a moderator, Foxfur likes to keep watch over the chat.
  • Foxfur is related to a certain main story cat.
  • He is very secretive about his real name or physical description..
  • Foxfur acquired an apprentice, Dapplepaw, at a young age.
  • Foxfur loves Maplesky.

Quotes Edit

  • "If I was born unlucky, then it's up to me to fix it."
  • "Stick with people who make you happy. Who make you laugh. Who make you smile. I hope I make you smile. <3" -Unnamed wiki user