Juniperpaw (warrior name Juniperpool) is a tuxedo she-cat with sea-green eyes and slashed ears.

On BlogClanEdit

She joined on June 1st, 2015, by the name of Sootpaw, later changing her name to Stormypaw, Altopaw, and then changed to her current name. Juni is an active member there.

BlogClan 2 WikiEdit

She is fairly active on the second BlogClan wiki. She changed her Wikia name four times, with different users. Juni creates the wiki logos there, and is meh with them.


  • She is a viola player, and is obsessed with orchestra.
    • However, before she played the viola, Juni played the violin.
  • Juni likes the following:
    • Steven Universe
    • Pokémon
    • Wings of Fire
    • Warriors, obviously
    • Land of Stories
    • My Little Pony
    • Lunar Chronicles
    • Gravity Falls
    • Maximum Ride
    • Harry Potter (she's a proud Slytherin)
  • She is very picky about her name and avatars.
  • She ships Swirl (Sandyfoot x Whorlpelt), Flo with Gamzee and a whole bunch of other ships.
  • Juni types too fast, so she makes a lot of typos. Juni is also a screen addict.
  • She likes saying "stuff" and "watevz."
  • If she was in a Clan, she would be in ShadowClan.